August 10, 2006

Religion is stupid

and the overly religous are uneducated, deliberately.

I was taking calculus. I was a mathematics major and I was at a Christian college that was called Christian, but was not Christian....

I asked a question to my calculus professor: "What makes this course distinctly Christian?" He stopped. He said no one has ever asked that question before...

He said, "Okay, I'm a Christian; you're a Christian."

I said, "That's not what I asked! What makes this calculus course distinctly Christian? What makes this different from the local secular university? Are we using the same text? Yes. Are you teaching it the same way? Yes. Then why is this called a Christian college and that one a non-Christian college?

Mathematics isn't 'christian' therefore it is not just worthless, it is dangerous. I hope should this guy ever go into hospital he demands that the surgeon be one that knows no mathematics, or anatomy.


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